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Shop Now. Pay later. Earn rewards
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AirTap is India's first Credit-over-UPI app

Scan a UPI QR code and make a one-touch payment with AirTap app.
Pay your credit on time to earn exclusive rewards.

Settle at once or in installments. No hidden fees.

How This Works

One-Touch Payment
Scan a BHIM UPI QR code with your AirTap app and click pay. Done.
Avail Your Rewards
Burn your reward coins to buy a store's coupon. Apply that coupon when paying and save big.
Pay Later On Time
Pay your total credit amount every 15 days to avoid interest fee and unlock exclusive rewards.
Higher Credit Limits
Credit limit increases with every timely payment. Earn more freedom with limited access to EMI.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is AirTap different from other payment apps?
I do use a UPI payment app. Why should I use AirTap?
What kind of offers do I get with reward coins?
There's no pin/password. What if someone else uses my phone to make a payment, in case I lose my phone?
How do I pay my credit amount?
Can I pay credit amount earlier from the deadline?
Is it possible to set up auto-debit against my credit amount?

Shop now. Pay later. Earn rewards.

We make your phone a happy credit card. Exclusive rewards. No hidden fees.

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